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Co-founder and game designer at Coastalbyte.


Ahoy mateys!
Time for this weeks Flaskpost, and time to review some of the important and interesting things that have occurred since last time. First and most importantly, we are closing in on our current project for Blekinge Institute of Technology! Yesterday we pulled some playtesting muscle from our friends across the room, 12oClock. They are currently housing two interns from a local high school who both made extraordinary test subjects. Besides being sharp and having a eye for detail, they also fit the games intended audience. Continue reading

Reporting back from Copenhagen!

As we promised, here is a small chronicle of our trip to Copenhagen this weekend!
Nordic Game Jam is part of a larger international event known as the Global Game Jam. The Nordic Game Jam is the single biggest Jam with 290 registered developers in 2012. 

Me and Fredrik took the train on Thursday, one day before the event started. Aboard, we met up with our friends Olle Lunddahl, Simon Gustafsson and Niklas Ström from Redgrim. It just happened to be Olle’s birthday so we made the entire train ride into a birthday party, complete with balloons, Champis, party hats and cake. We were off to a good start!

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