Das Hungerspiel is out

Our game Das Hungerspiel is now released on Google Play!

Das Hungerspiel is a unique multiplayer game designed to be played by two players on the same tablet. Bait the hungry forest creatures to come within your catching range. Score as many catches you can before time runs out - simple!

It’s now available on Google Play for $1. You can check it out here. We’ll have an iOS version up soon as well.

Flaskpost 23/3

Hey there.

So as you might have figured out, our game jam last weekend kinda died out. Some things came up and we couldn’t work on the Sunday. But we’ll make it up to you guys (cause we friggin’ love you all)  and finish the game another weekend.

Work on Mailstorm Express has slowed down a bit since we’ve taken another job to bring in some dough.
But I managed to sneak in some hours of work on it today. I started reworking the menu system since the last one we had wasn’t fit for a smartphone screen. It actually wasn’t much of a menu, just a bunch buttons placed after each other.
The new system has more of a touch interface where you slide around in a scene.

Next week most of our time will be spent on the consult job but I’ll try to sneak in some Mailstorm lovin’ next Friday as well.


Mailstorm and Gamex

I know this post is a little late but I figure if I go ahead and write it anyway I will train myself to post updates more often and regularly somehow.  Anyway, the Gamex experience was incredible and we have made a lot of new friends. I naturally bonded a little extra with friends we already knew during the total 18 or so hours they spent in a car together.

Here is a picture of Gameport’s booth which besides Coastalbyte also housed the following developer teams: 2Play, 12 o Clock Studios, Forgotten Key, Tobias Kärrman and 2 Hour Lunch Studios. The picture was taken toward the end of the first day and as you can see, Calle Leppäjoki from 12 o Clock is the only one with the energy left to dance like a maniac.

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