Penguin game screen 1

First screen of the penguin game!


We’re going for some kind of turn based strategy game. So far there has been very little game play implemented but we have the important stuff in place (penguins with capes).

Will update again tomorrow!


Flaskpost 16/3


This is the theme of todays Flaskpost and this weekends Game Jam which will be held here in our office at Gameport. We just recently purchased the Unity asset 2D-toolkit and decided to try it out by making a small tablet game. With Penguins. Lots of them. Mario has been prototyping some graphics already which you can view below:

Unless everything ends up in disaster we plan on making the game available for free on the website once we’re done. I’ll make progress-posts throughout the weekend and we’ll see how things turn out!

Here are some more concepts on paper as well as a photo of the team on thursday bbq:

// Marcus