Flaskpost 20/4

Somehow we managed to combo break our chain of blog posts last week. But we’re back to trying to hit a new highscore.

This week work has continued on the educational game and things are going smooth. But enough about that. I know what you want to hear.
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Flaskpost 23/3

Hey there.

So as you might have figured out, our game jam last weekend kinda died out. Some things came up and we couldn’t work on the Sunday. But we’ll make it up to you guys (cause we friggin’ love you all)  and finish the game another weekend.

Work on Mailstorm Express has slowed down a bit since we’ve taken another job to bring in some dough.
But I managed to sneak in some hours of work on it today. I started reworking the menu system since the last one we had wasn’t fit for a smartphone screen. It actually wasn’t much of a menu, just a bunch buttons placed after each other.
The new system has more of a touch interface where you slide around in a scene.

Next week most of our time will be spent on the consult job but I’ll try to sneak in some Mailstorm lovin’ next Friday as well.



This week has been great, 100% of our time has been spent on giving all our love to Mailstorm. It’s been wonderful.
Something we haven’t been happy with in the game is the controls. They haven’t felt as tight and precise as we desired. So this weekend that’s mostly what I’ve been working on. I made several different types of control mechanics that will be tweaked and play tested over the coming days until we got one that is the embodiment of perfection.
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