Flaskpost 27/4

Hey there.

It’s Friday and time for a new Flaskpost. Work is going along pretty good. As far as the Mailstorm work goes I made another intro sequence.

I preferred the intro I made last week. So going to mess around with that one some more and try to smooth it out a bit.

This weekend we will have some company bonding time by exploring the Swedish wastelands in the pen and paper role playing game: Mutant – Undergångens Arvtagare. I’m playing a half insane psychic mailman,  Mario is playing a former cop and an overall good guy and Liselott is playing a bounty hunter bird mutant. Also joining us is Sebastian, from Noumenon games, who is playing a robot that wants to murder everything. It should be a fun little adventure we’re going on

Until next week, have a great time.

Flaskpost 20/4

Somehow we managed to combo break our chain of blog posts last week. But we’re back to trying to hit a new highscore.

This week work has continued on the educational game and things are going smooth. But enough about that. I know what you want to hear.
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Flaskpost 6/4

Hey guys, Fredrik here to wish you all a great Easter.

The past week our full attention have been on the consulting job. We hit our first milestone with ease and started on the second one.

Spent this Friday poking around on our websites here and there. Changed some stuff and added other.
On the Mailstorm Express side on life, I did work with it last Friday. I built up the scene for the main menu. All that remain now (menu-wise) is just some scripting.

Since it’s Easter I also painted a face on my lunch.