Summer update #1: Aliens, aliens aliens!

So.. it’s been a while since we released any news here. In the beginning of June there were a few changes in our team and the production of Societies was put on hold until further notice for a couple of reasons. It’s probably not cancelled, but when we pick it up again we will redo a lot of  the stuff we weren’t happy with, including some big gameplay changes.

With that said, we’re quite jolly at the office at the moment. As it turned out, right after we stopped working with Societies, Markus Lundberg came to us with an idea for another game. After some meetings and discussions, the basic design for our new game project was set.

We started working with ”They Came to Feed!” about 5 days ago, and because we prefer to talk about our projects rather than keeping them for ourselves, we thought we’d show you what we have so far.

So here it is. ”They Came to Feed!”. 5 days into production. Our plan is to release a new video every week or so. Thank you for reading!

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