Summer update #2: Pixelated coffee

Wow, summer is passing really fast. It always does here in Sweden but let’s act surprised.

In the past weeks we’ve been working some more with They Came to Feed! and we’ve had time to test the prototype with some friends. Everyone seems to like the game this far, except that everyone wants more eatable things in the game. Well here’s a shocker: that’s exactly our plan :)

We managed to tape a few minutes of gameplay during that session. You can find a video in the bottom of this post which showcases the prototype-mission pretty well. (Spawn, wreak havoc, deliver mother seed, ???, profit). We hope to have another video up in about 2 weeks.

While we love working with TCF!, we also have another, a bit smaller project on our hands. It’s called Overtime. And it’s about coffee (and maybe some other things).

It’s an adventure game with puzzles and mini-games and we plan to release it to the mobile market.

Thanks for reading!




They Came to Feed!

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