Gamex 2011- Roadtrip!

It’s finally time to show of some games again! On Wednesday 2/11 Marcus will cuddle up in a car together with our good friends at 2Play and Tobias Kärrman (aspiring game developer and car-owner) and  take off to Stockholm!

The reason is of course to attend Gamex 2011 together with our colleagues here at BBI. Gameport will host a booth where we will showcase our newest project Mailstorm Express for the first time. The game has come far into development and has a scheduled release for this winter. So unless you got them already you should make sure to get your hands on some Gamex-tickets and count yourself among the lucky first to try your luck as captain onboard the Mailstorm Express!

Mailstorm Express will soon have an entry on the webpage with more detailed information and screenshots.


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