Flaskpost Update

This is the second flaskpost update and much have happened since our last post.
First off, we have redesigned our office here at Gameport. We may have intruded a tiny bit on our fellow studio Forgotten Key’s space, but they so far they haven’t complained.

Second, we took the beginning of this week to actually sit down and hammer out a new way of organizing our work. We have really adopted and integrated google docs into everything we do, even for cloud storage. But that isn’t really fun to read about now, is it? In that case I’ll continue with announcing something completely different – we have a new addition to the team!
Cool pic

We at Coastalbyte warmly welcome Mario Gryth into our little troupe. Mario has worked with us with Mailstorm Express, composing the games music and sound effects. He is most known for hiss efforts as a sound- and game designer over at 2Play Studios working with their flagship title Bloody Trapland. Needless to say, we are very happy to have him!

Finally – this is the last update before Nordic Game Jam, which we will attend in Copenhagen January 27. Me and Fredrik plan to keep record and document the experience and share it later, who knows, we might even actually have a game to show for our efforts!

Be good and live well!


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