This has been a good week, we are have wrapped up and finished production on a consult job and are finally ready to resume work on Mailstorm Express! We also recently purchased a new android phone on which Mailstorm played reasonably well, despite being optimized for tablets.

I am in a little of a hurry as I write this since today I’m disassembling my entire apartment since I’m moving to the other side of town tomorrow (which basically mean a whopping 650 metres in Karlshamn). The entire Coastal Crew has graciously offered it’s help and I will provide sweet pizza in return.

Speaking of the Coastal Crew, Mario spent yesterday evening giving me a through beating in Soul Calibur V. His Mitsurugi is deadly against my Pyrrah, any mistake I make is punished – hard. Fredrik recently picked up a custom Siegfried dressed like a cowboy. As you can hear, this game has taken it’s toll on our spare time.

Next week will be more about Mailstorm and how we will proceed.
Until Next time!


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