Nordic Game & Game Jam

So the past two weeks we’ve been to a couple of events. First off we where on Nordic Game in the sweet city of Mamö. Where we mostly hanged around with other developers, played some LAZA KNITEZ!! and watched some great talks. Over all it was really fun and interesting. We’re most definitely going back next year.

The other event was a game jam at Kärlek, ettor och nollor. The theme was “All the fire goes out if you do not keep it alive” so we made a game about a couple of German kids feeding animals.

It’s a two player game for tablets. Where you need to place food to lure small furry animals to your side. When the times run out the player with the most animals win.

We ended up in second place which wouldn’t be possible without the sweet graphic of Liselotte and the rocking polka music by Mario.
We have a few bugs to hammer out and some minor stuff to add and then you will most likely be able to play it at a tablet near you.

There was also an infinite amount of sugar available at the jam.


In other news, Marcus will be holding a summer course in rapid prototyping at Blekinge Institute of Technology and we will try to participate in 7dfps.

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