Hello again, this is Marcus back with an update from the trenches of Gameport!

We have started working on a new contract recently in which we are cooperating with a local company in order to develop an educational game for small children. The focus of the game is developing cognitive brain functions by organizing  objects into various categories.

We’ve brought in some expert competence for developing the game’s art style and graphics by hiring the services of our friend Liselotte Heimdahl who will be working with us through the project. We are really looking forward to see how the game looks like in the end but judging of what we’ve seen so far the end result is going to be fabulous!


Happy weekend and see you next time!


Flaskpost 23/3

Hey there.

So as you might have figured out, our game jam last weekend kinda died out. Some things came up and we couldn’t work on the Sunday. But we’ll make it up to you guys (cause we friggin’ love you all)  and finish the game another weekend.

Work on Mailstorm Express has slowed down a bit since we’ve taken another job to bring in some dough.
But I managed to sneak in some hours of work on it today. I started reworking the menu system since the last one we had wasn’t fit for a smartphone screen. It actually wasn’t much of a menu, just a bunch buttons placed after each other.
The new system has more of a touch interface where you slide around in a scene.

Next week most of our time will be spent on the consult job but I’ll try to sneak in some Mailstorm lovin’ next Friday as well.


Penguin game screen 1

First screen of the penguin game!


We’re going for some kind of turn based strategy game. So far there has been very little game play implemented but we have the important stuff in place (penguins with capes).

Will update again tomorrow!


Flaskpost 16/3


This is the theme of todays Flaskpost and this weekends Game Jam which will be held here in our office at Gameport. We just recently purchased the Unity asset 2D-toolkit and decided to try it out by making a small tablet game. With Penguins. Lots of them. Mario has been prototyping some graphics already which you can view below:

Unless everything ends up in disaster we plan on making the game available for free on the website once we’re done. I’ll make progress-posts throughout the weekend and we’ll see how things turn out!

Here are some more concepts on paper as well as a photo of the team on thursday bbq:

// Marcus