This week have been crazy insane and mostly about penguins. It all started with someone stumbling upon this  live stream . Which caused Mario to go into hyper penguin mode and ended up with an A4 of penguins drawing and several songs about them.


On the Mailstorm side of life I’ve been continuing working on the controls. They are almost done and ready to undergo some play testing to see which works best. And as soon as I can I will implement the design changes Marcus have made. I’d hoped to do it this week but some other work sidetracked me.

Except drawing penguins Mario have continue working on maps and also set up a devlog over at tigsource. So check it for more regular news and updates about the game.

Have a lovely evening and see ya’ next week.




This week has been great, 100% of our time has been spent on giving all our love to Mailstorm. It’s been wonderful.
Something we haven’t been happy with in the game is the controls. They haven’t felt as tight and precise as we desired. So this weekend that’s mostly what I’ve been working on. I made several different types of control mechanics that will be tweaked and play tested over the coming days until we got one that is the embodiment of perfection.
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This has been a good week, we are have wrapped up and finished production on a consult job and are finally ready to resume work on Mailstorm Express! We also recently purchased a new android phone on which Mailstorm played reasonably well, despite being optimized for tablets.

I am in a little of a hurry as I write this since today I’m disassembling my entire apartment since I’m moving to the other side of town tomorrow (which basically mean a whopping 650 metres in Karlshamn). The entire Coastal Crew has graciously offered it’s help and I will provide sweet pizza in return.

Speaking of the Coastal Crew, Mario spent yesterday evening giving me a through beating in Soul Calibur V. His Mitsurugi is deadly against my Pyrrah, any mistake I make is punished – hard. Fredrik recently picked up a custom Siegfried dressed like a cowboy. As you can hear, this game has taken it’s toll on our spare time.

Next week will be more about Mailstorm and how we will proceed.
Until Next time!



It’s Friday again and time for a new weekly update.
Among other things we’ve been polishing a bit on Fingeroids (we’ll most likely change the name). Fingeroids was a game we made during a game jam on Blekinge Institute of Technology last year. The theme was your interpretation of a picture of space so logically we made a local multiplayer for tablets where you fling rocks at each others hearts.

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