Summer update #1: Aliens, aliens aliens!

So.. it’s been a while since we released any news here. In the beginning of June there were a few changes in our team and the production of Societies was put on hold until further notice for a couple of reasons. It’s probably not cancelled, but when we pick it up again we will redo a lot of  the stuff we weren’t happy with, including some big gameplay changes.

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Game Concept Challenge

GCC LogoSome days ago we submitted Societies to a competition named ”Game Concept Challenge” which takes place in our home town, Karlshamn.

We are competing with around 10 other projects, where 4 will be selected winners by a jury. Each of the winning projects will recieve 50 000 swedish crowns to be able to continue to work with their game and release it during the summer.

The competition will take place at the ”Kärlek, ettor och nollor”-expo which is hosted at NetPort Science Park the 1st and 2nd of june, where you will also get an opportunity to play the current version of our game!